eCommerce tips to help small businesses

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It is not difficult to open an online e-commerce store. However, competing in the arena will require a comprehensive understanding of your prospective audience, attention to detail and best practises of e-commerce. Apparently, there exits many e-commerce sites, but a few of them are able to generate substantial amount of revenue. This article contains insight on the tips that can assist you deal with challenges eventually enabling your small business thrive in the competitive online business platform.

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Transparency in purchases

Research has shown that customers tend to stop purchasing from e-commerce sites due to the unforeseen costs encountered in shipping, sales tax and handling. You can improve your conversion chances by integrating the functionality of the shopping cart by informing the clients of the extra costs they will encounter depending on the item they put in their shopping cart.

Optimize the load time

An e-commerce business website demands some particular features, which include an accurate and clear product image, a seamless and simple checkout process and a search feature that simplifies the search process. Slow site load-time has a negative appeal even after having invested heavily on your site. The success or failure in the e-commerce business platform depends probably on the extra seconds saved or wasted. Therefore, it is advisable to first test the functionality of your site, in order to ensure the site loads faster for both mobile, tablet and desktop users.

Optimize your site for improved SEO ranking.

While the economy of e-commerce continues to experience unprecedented growth, more businesses continue to venture into the already crowded space. This actually means it will be crucial to stay on top of search engine optimization for the purpose of standing out from the competitors. Connecting with a well skilled SEO firm will assist you to stay on the competitive edge for quite some time.

Trustworthy site

Secure mobile payment systems, third-party fulfilment services and payment gateways have empowered the small business owners to provide a checkout system that is seamless and transparent to online customers. However, it is important to assure the clients that their data will be securely stored and that their confidentiality is the top priority of the business. A number of customers tend to abandon purchases in an e-commerce site when they feel the site doesn’t provide security. You can reassure customers for instance by displaying logos that are familiar to them such as symbols of the major credit cards that are accepted by the site.

Do not force customer registration

Forcing your website guests to log into an account or register in your site is one of the main factors that drive away potential online customers in an e-commerce platform. It is important to clearly state on the homepage that these visitors have an option to login, check out as a visitor or even create an account. Ensure you remind them that it is optional to create an account and they can still make their purchase without necessarily being put to task of having an account first. You could, however, explain to them briefly, the benefits of having an account with your online store. This will entice them to sign up of their own free will.

Optimize your contacts portfolio

A small business owner can take advantage of telling customers their story in order to establish a strong connection with them. You can make use of the ‘About Page’ in your site or even some social media presence to create an identity, which clients will embrace. Let them know the reason why you established your online e-commerce store, and also how you intend to give them an excellent customer experience.

Include your name, physical location, email address and phone number to enable customers comprehend that there is someone behind the online enterprise who can be contacted if need arises. Launching an e-commerce site will be less problematic if you should apply the same effort you put while working for the client offline as you do while online. Click here best ecommerce solution

Strengthen trust through customer reviews

For the past several years, customer reviews have become essential and even a requirement for online traders. Honest and well-presented real life testimonies make a substantial contribution towards social proof; enabling clients learn and even get influenced by other people’s actions. You can also encourage your clients to revisit your site and write a review with a follow-up email, which can as well include some form of incentive.

Smaller e-commerce enterprises may as well take advantage and work concurrently with well-known third-party review firms, which tend to seamlessly integrate with content management systems such as Magento, and deal with follow-up emails on your behalf.


Considering the e-commerce world, it is safe to conclude that small businesses and start-ups that sell online tend to be perceived differently from the large corporations that already have well established brand names. A small business or start-up that probably has a strong proposition has a chance of achieving the same kind of loyalty and trust customers have for the big and well-established brands. Universities program ecommerce

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